The Bratton Team

Pacific Links US Holdings has filed for bankruptcy on the development plan for Makaha Valley that was to feature a golf course designed by Tiger Woods, hotels, homes and timeshares on the 644 acres. The Canadian Based Pacific Link Holdings and seven other affiliates had listed the valley for 300 million dollar price tag with CBRE back in 2019 and after a combination of not being able to sell the land to another developer and COVID they have decided to file for bankruptcy to reorganize existing contracts they previously had in place. Five years ago Standford Carr a local developer had a joint venture for the new resort and had plans to build on top of the existing Makaha Resort and Spa established in 1969. The plan was going to provide 500 jobs and boost the economically distressed area while incorporating Hawaiian cultural values and the upkeep of the land. The parent companies leadership had ties to China as well but in recent years was unable to get the financing out of China to develop the land as planned. Standford Carr suggests that another developer will proceed with the existing project because it is the only land on Oahu that can become a large scale resort without rezoning of the valley.

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