The Bratton Team


A few days ago, American Savings Bank released renderings of its new Honolulu campus, which will bring its employees and offices together under one roof. Although this has been typical in major cities across the US, this is the first new building of this kind since First Hawaiian Bank did it two decades ago. This is unique and powerful step forward for our city. We expect that it will generate some other interest from major corporations to look at the same type of facilities. This could be a huge growth for Honolulu and we’d love to see this trend continue. It not only benefits our city but the employees and businesses as well. American Savings Bank president and CEO, Ryan Wacker told Pacific Business News,“The campus is a facility, but it’s not about the facility. It’s about that culture of what we’re trying to create and the ability to get the whole team together and working without a gap, for that mission that we have…That’s the essence of what we need to do — that seamless teamwork and everyone being part of the engagement that we want to have.”

This headquarters is going to do wonders for ASB’s sense of community and for the neighboring areas. We, at The Bratton Team, are predicting this campus will continue to invigorate the restaurant and arts scene of nearby Chinatown. ASB will bring so many employees to this area on a daily basis there will be plenty of business to go around. We can’t wait to see how this campus will positively affect the neighborhood and who will be the next major corporation to follow suit.

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