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While Star Advertiser speculates that the vacation home market has slipped 8 percent during the first half of this year to 718 properties from 780 properties during the first half of last year, we at Colliers believe this trend shows that sales are picking up. In our experience, this is usually a leading indicator where investors improve resorts and then more residential real estate will sell in the future. While the sales seem to have decreased at the moment, there will be a pick up soon as Rob Kildow, director of sales for Hualalai Realty, said the residential real estate market at the resort is improving this year. “Our prices are creeping up in all categories,” he said. There has been more demand from speculative homebuilders, Kildow said. Builders have bought property on which to build and sell 21 homes since late last year. “We couldn’t be more excited,” he said.

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