The Bratton Team

Recently, many of my buyers complained that most of the offerings in the Hawaii market are “junk.” What is even more unsettling is that 23 of these properties have been on the market for 9 months or more and stale at this point.

Investors ARE looking to invest in Hawaii but they are seeking quality properties. There are a few on the market and I will share with you my 2 cents in the next posts.

Here is the breakdown of properties for sale on the islands:

67 properties for sale at $2 – $5 million

28 properties for sale at $5 – $20 million

3 properties for sale over $20 million

Of the 98 properties, 3 made it to my Top 3 Picks. Stay tuned to find out how these 3 picks may mean REAL income and REAL opportunities for you to make REAL money!

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