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Late last month, I was on the KHON morning news, promoting the upcoming Easter Seals Hawaii charity golf tournament. As you can see, I’d go to any lengths to support this charity, including an interview on the news wearing a ridiculous outfit.

Click here to view my ridiculous outfit and my 2 minutes of fame!

I initially sought out involvement in Easter Seals Hawaii so I could give back to a great organization that has personally touched my life. A few years ago, they helped our son get up to speed in his speech and made the entire experience fun for both him and us, as parents.

I am asking for your support of this wonderful organization because I know first hand what crucial services they provide for families just like yours or mine. State and Federal monies are drying up, so now more than ever, they need the support of the community.

There three ways you can help in the next two minutes:

Click here to sign up for the Golf Tournament on September 14, 2011.

Click here to donate prizes, trips, cars and airplanes for the golf tournament.

Click here to make a monetary donation that will stay in this community.



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