The Bratton Team

This is exactly what our economy needs here on Oahu…. Job Growth. This first phase of almost 500 million in construction spending will directly effect occupancy rates of all of our commercial real estate projects. Expect vacancy rates to edge downward. Click below for more details.

After decades of debate and planning, the first shovels of dirt will be turned over to make way for Honolulu’s rail transit system on Feb. 22. The pivotal groundbreaking ceremony for the 20-mile, $5.5 billion system will be open to the public at 10 a.m. along Kualakai Parkway, otherwise known as North-South Road, in Kapolei. "Many people have waited so long and worked hard to finally get to this point," Mayor Peter Carlisle said in a statement. "This project will provide thousands of jobs for our local work force, relieve traffic congestion and pave the way for an exciting and better future for Oahu residents."

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